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Anonymous said: Orion Pax was that cute librarian assistant you flirted with in college, while Optimus Prime is a perfect hunk of a man you wanna take home, fuck passionately, and cuddle. Don't lie, you know it to be true.


pretty much agree. i feel like Optimus (and Wheeljack) was that nerdy quiet kid you didn’t really pay attention to, then after school you go your seperate ways, then you hear through the grapevine that he’s joined the army and you’re like “ahaha what?? he’s so scrawny? how?” and then you see him and suddenly GLASSES ARE GONe, MUSCLES HAVE ARRIVED, SHOULDERS HAVE RISEN FRO MTHE DEPTHS, HE’S ALL PROPER AND DEEP-VOICED AND AUTHORITATIVE AND YOu’RE LIKE “DAMN THAt’S A BIG STEP UP FROM THE LIBRARY” or something idk

Mass Effect 30 Day ChallengeDay 13 → Favourite turian?L Garrus Vakarian.